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Competence without compromise - our service range

We are keeping over 20.000 hydraulic products in stock for you. The vast capacity of our storage offers you an exceptional variety of components. With a wide array of products, our service portfolio will meet your individual requirements. Fast, flexible and efficient.

LöSi is your provider of durable-high-precision components. With compatibility to leading brand products we are able to offer you:

  • hydraulic motors
  • hydraulic pumps
  • hydraulic valves
  • hydraulic steering units
  • entire hydraulic system solution

Count on the available variety and our outstanding competence in consulting – with uncompromising quality.

Competence at eye-level – comprehensible and foresightful

The LöSi GmbH has been a family business since 1982. In almost four decades we were able to establish a solid knowledge base concerning hydraulic solutions. LöSi stands for speed, flexibility, reliability and an ideal cost/performance ratio. In addition, we put emphasis on a personal relationship with our customers. Good service and target-oriented consulting give our customers that extra edge in dealing with business competition.

As every single component is crucial in making a machine run, so are you as a customer for us. We want things to run smoothly. We can manage that by understanding your conceptual formulation. With a flexible customer service, reliable maintenance routines and competent project planning we are right at your side.

Individual hydraulic solutions, aligned with your requirements

We are able to plan your entire hydraulic layout and drive systems. This includes custom technical solutions like low-noise or fluid management systems under the Industry 4.0 motion. Hydraulic systems are our key competence.

Use our know-how in numerous fields of application:

  • drilling technology
  • mining technology
  • conveyance technology
  • agricultural technology
  • environmental technology
  • municipal technology
  • lifting technology

Knowledge is our most powerful tool

Be it the initial design, re-design or expansion of hydraulic systems – for us quality is always of the highest priority. We assemble the LöSi components right on site with our customers. Our specialists take care of professionally installing and launching said hydraulic components.

Thanks to the reliable and fast assembly of the components your machines are ready to be used in a breath. The quality of the assembly service will secure a smooth and long-ranging operation of your machines and systems – right from the get go.

Reliable re-furbishing of hydraulic components

We repair hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and all other hydraulic components. The focus of our expert refurbishment is set on the repair of orbital motors. With our own test bench we are able to check the repaired components in detail, which also involves the documentation of this process.

Specific requirements of individual hydraulic systems

We have been project planning hydraulic-driven systems time and again. We will guide you in your project development right from the start. First, we will be planning and drafting your system. Then, circuit diagrams will be designed and prototypes will be built. Finally, we will be going into production, series manufacturing and implementing. The finishing touch to every project planning will be a technical documentation. Our highly qualified team will be there to solve any upcoming problems during system operation.

Long-term reliable hydraulic performance

Our products are designed for long-term operation. This is why it’s important for our customers to be able to rely on our committed team concerning maintenance services.

We do on-site repairs. After implementing your hydraulic systems, we keep them under continuous maintenance. We use mobile pressure analysis technology to check specific components and entire systems. If the necessity arises, we are able to give an immediate damage analysis and go right into fixing the problem. Since our customer service aims to look at the big picture, we are also able to give out recommendations for effectively expanding and improving your system.

Reliability and Quality all the way

Together with our long-standing partners we are able to provide series manufacturing for your hydraulic components. In doing so, we put an emphasis on consistent quality. Even in series manufacturing we carry high quality standards for each and every individual item we manufacture.

We make sure that your components are there for you right on time. This goal is achieved through our decades of experience and the exceptional LöSi logistics plan.

Do you have questions concerning our products We offer comprehensive support for our LöSi products, free of charge.

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