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The hydraulic filters from our online store free your hydraulic fluid from contamination and thus extend the service life of your machine.
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LOQS LoSi Oil Quality Sensor
LöSi Oil Quality Sensor LOQS for real time monitoring of actual contamination and water content in oil. Parameters: Temperature, High accuracy of oil quality by measuring dielectric constant and effective resistance. Max. Operating pressure 20 bar, Operating temperature -20 - 120 °C, Outputs: standard RS-232, RS485, MODBUS, CANBUS, analog 4-20mA. Local data memory (optional)
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Only purity brings efficiency

The power of every system lies in the hydraulic medium. By using a hydraulic filter, you ensure that contamination is successfully removed from the medium: The fluid enters the housing with the filter element via an inlet port. Undissolved particles are retained there and the cleaned medium flows back into the system on the clean side. This provides your machine with optimum protection against contamination and loss of availability. Since even the smallest particles can get into the fluid during assembly and commissioning, you should pay attention to precise workmanship and excellent quality when choosing the right filter system. If you buy low-quality hydraulic filters, impurities will enter the circuit, leading to blockages as well as wear on moving parts. As a result, your system will be more susceptible to malfunctions and, in the worst case, will fail completely. If you don't have an expert service provider at hand, things can quickly become unpleasant for you as a machine operator.

Rather build on proven brand products right away and buy your hydraulic filter in LöSi's online store.

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The hydraulic filter plays a decisive role when it comes to the trouble-free operation and longevity of your system.
We at LöSi make sure that it fulfills its task to your complete satisfaction!
Our experience and routine have shown what is important when buying a hydraulic filter - that is why we focus not only on the top quality of our products, but also on the high accuracy of fit. We have hydraulic filters for all common intricacies ready to seamlessly fit your hydraulic system.

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Master fluid management in the blink of an eye

As a system operator, you want a hydraulic filter that efficiently removes impurities from the hydraulic medium and sustainably increases the service life of your system. But which hydraulic filter is suitable for your system? What defined particle size should be separated and how is the hydraulic filter professionally installed? We at LöSi are at your side with our advice and our unique service. No matter whether you need support with the filter installation or the choice of the suitable fineness: We will take care of your request!

Just contact us - it is our pleasure to find the optimal solution for your system.

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When it comes to high-quality hydraulic filters and machine components, we at LöSi are the contact you can trust - both in the digital world and on site.

Upon request, our specialists will advise you on all questions that are burning on your mind. When you buy a hydraulic filter from our store, you are also not taking any risks at any time: In case you accidentally purchased the wrong product or are generally dissatisfied with it, we grant you a 14-day right of withdrawal on your purchase. Guaranteed.

Impurities? Not with our hydraulic filters!

The main function of a hydraulic filter is to retain undissolved foreign matter in the pressure medium, thereby reducing wear and clogging of machine parts. So a high quality hydraulic filter is important to minimize machine breakdowns and increase equipment life.Inferior products have less precise processing and cannot filter out particles completely. However, once debris enters the fluid circuit, it can cause damage to components and, in the worst case, result in permanent machine breakdowns.

Avoid this emotional and financial dilemma!

The hydraulic filters available in our online store ensure the optimal purity of your hydraulic medium and guarantee the functionality of your system at any time of the day or night. Moreover, should you need to replace your filter after a few years of operation, you can count on the brilliant service of our professional team and on immediate product availability.

Clear the way in your plant and opt for a hydraulic filter from LöSi's online store.