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Pump oil for everyone! With the oil flow dividers from our online store, every consumer of your hydraulic system gets their money's worth. Our flow dividers split the flow rate – precisely, efficiently, reliably. Rely on 40 years of expertise, top quality, and the most brilliant customer service in the market. Read more...

Rotary gear flow divider FDR2/4-300 bar
High precision 2-fold high pressure gear divider with 4ccm/rev per section, max. 300 bar pressure capacity, each individual section with own PRV with 300 bar protection. Type: FDR 2/4-300
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Hydraulik Rotary gear flow divider FDR 2/2 200 bar
High-precision 2-fold high-pressure gear flow divider with 2ccm/rev per section, max. 200 bar pressure load, each individual section protected with its own DBV 200 bar. Type: FDR 2/2-200bar
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Hydraulic Gear Flow divider FDR 2/6 320 bar
High-precision 2-fold high-pressure gear flow divider with 6ccm/rev per section, max. 320 bar pressure load, each individual section protected with its own DBV 320 bar. Type: FDR 2/6-320bar
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Only Quality Brings Efficiency

The primary task of an oil flow divider is to achieve a load-independent division of the flow rate and to supply the individual components with the hydraulic medium in a certain ratio. This is true precision work! Therefore, when buying an oil flow divider, you should only opt for the best quality: A high-quality flow divider is characterized by a compact design that is also particularly robust and finely crafted down to the smallest detail. In contrast to branded products, inferior oil flow dividers do not take into account the minimal inaccuracies in the manufacturing of gears or pistons. The result: The entire system becomes more prone to disturbances or inaccuracies in dividing, and in the worst case, it leads to long downtime. If professional service is also lacking in an emergency, things can get really unpleasant for you as a machine operator.

Therefore, choose proven branded products and buy your flow divider from the LöSi Hydraulik GmbH hydraulic shop.


Buy Hydraulic Flow Dividers: You Can Count on LöSi

The oil flow divider plays a crucial role in the power transmission of your hydraulic system. At LöSi, we ensure that it functions throughout its product life! Thanks to our many years of experience and routine, we know exactly what is important when buying an oil flow divider. Whether it's a gear, block, or piston flow divider, we not only value the first-class quality of our products but also consider factors such as the main area of application of your oil flow divider or the number of consumers. We ensure that the oil flow divider integrates seamlessly into your existing hydraulic system and enables optimal flow rate division – because we are only satisfied when everything is in perfect flow for you.

Browse our online shop now and buy the right oil flow divider for your needs.


Mastering Complex Tasks – The Right Choice for Hydraulic Applications

As a system operator, you want hydraulic components that merge into an efficient system in an ideal interplay. To meet this desire, numerous questions must be answered:

  • What should I consider when buying a hydraulic flow divider?
  • What functions and design must the divider have (e.g., gear flow divider with balancing valve, piston divider, block divider)?
  • Which consumers are moved (e.g., lifting platforms)?

At LöSi, we are at your side with our competent advice and unique service even beyond your purchase. Whether you need support in choosing your oil flow divider or require a repair: Our hearts beat for your concerns! Just contact us – we look forward to finding the perfect solution with you.

Just contact us – we look forward to finding the perfect solution with you.


The LöSi Online Shop Offers More: More Quality, More Security, More Value!

At LöSi, we are your strong partner for high-quality hydraulic flow dividers and other hydraulic components – both on-site and in the virtual world. If desired, our experts will advise you on all questions concerning the online purchase of an oil flow divider. With us, you are always in good hands and take no risks: If you accidentally purchase the wrong product or are dissatisfied with your oil flow divider, you benefit from a 14-day right of withdrawal on your purchase. No ifs, ands, or buts.


Loss of Precision? Lack of Movement? Not with Our Gear Flow Divider!

An oil flow divider is divided into various sections and generates the load-independent flow rate division in your hydraulic system. It ensures the simultaneous movement of several consumers – a task that requires a lot of precision and the compensation of every small inaccuracy. However, these properties are absent when buying a low-quality oil flow divider: Inferior products have poor workmanship and are more prone to damage. As soon as the division of flow rates in your system is no longer given, only individual components move, or your machine completely fails. A scenario that can be costly for you – both emotionally and financially.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

The hydraulic flow dividers in our online shop bring out the best in your system and ensure that it runs smoothly day and night, while you can sit back and relax. And if wear and tear occur after many years, you can rely on the brilliant service of our team of specialists and the immediate product availability from our huge stock.

Perfect your system and buy your oil flow divider online at the LöSi shop. We keep your operation moving!