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Lösi consulting

Competence at eye level - understandable and foresighted
LöSi GmbH has existed as a family business since 1982. In four decades we have been able to build up a high level of know-how. We stand for speed, flexibility, reliability and a favorable price/performance ratio and focus on direct customer contact, good service & goal-oriented consulting.

Just as every single component is of elementary importance for the operation of a machine, you as a customer are of elementary importance for us. We achieve this by understanding your task. With flexible customer service, reliable maintenance & competent project planning we are your partner.

Lösi planning

Individual hydraulic solutions, exactly for your requirements
We plan your complete hydraulic plants and drive systems. This also includes special technical solutions such as low-noise and fluid management systems in Industry 4.0. Hydraulic systems are our core competence.

Take advantage of our know-how from numerous application areas:

Drilling technology ❘ Mining technology ❘ Materials handling technology ❘ Agricultural technology | Environmental technology ❘ Municipal technology ❘ Lifting technology.

Lösi assembly

Know-how is our best tool
Whether new installation, conversion or expansion - quality is always our top priority. We assemble the LöSi components directly at our customers' sites. Our specialists take care of the professional installation and commissioning of the hydraulic components.

Thanks to the reliable and fast assembly of the components, your machines are quickly ready for operation. The quality of the work ensures the smooth and long-term operation of your machines and systems - right from the start.

Lösi repair

Reliable repair of hydraulic components
We repair hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and all hydraulic components. The focus of our professional repair is on the repair of gerotor motors.

With our own test bench we are able to check the repaired components in detail and to document this.

Lösi project planning

Specific requirements of individual hydraulic systems
We have already implemented the project planning of hydraulically driven systems many times. We accompany you in the development of your project from the very beginning.

First we plan and design your plant. Then we draw up circuit diagrams and build prototypes. Finally, we go into production, series production and commissioning. The conclusion of each project is the technical documentation. Our qualified team is at your disposal as problem solvers in all phases of plant operation.

Lösi maintenance

Long-term reliable hydraulic performance
Our products are made for long-term use. That's why it's important to our customers that they can also rely on our dedicated staff for maintenance.

We repair on site. After commissioning, we continuously maintain the hydraulic systems. In the process, we check the hydraulics at the customer's site using mobile pressure measurement technology. If necessary, damage analysis and immediate repair are carried out immediately. Since our customer service is holistic, recommendations for effective retrofitting are also part of our service.

Lösi series production

Reliability and quality all along the line
Together with our long-term partners, we manufacture your hydraulic components in series. In doing so, we attach great importance to consistent quality. Even in series production, we have the highest quality standards, and that applies to every single part.

We ensure that the components are available to you exactly when you need them. We achieve this with our extensive experience and outstanding LöSi logistics.


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