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Hydraulic power packs

We sell hydraulic power packs for over 40 years



With the high-quality hydraulic power packs from LöSi GmbH, you are relying on 40 years of expertise!
We offer you quality goods from our own stock of over 20.000 products.

Buy your hydraulic power packs from us and benefit several times over:

best price-performance ratio – strict quality controls, fair prices
excellent consulting competence – we talk to you at eye level
complete service – we are your contact for all cases

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Frequently asked questions about the hydraulic power pack:

1. what is a hydraulic power pack?

A hydraulic power pack is a self-contained assembly that delivers a pressurized fluid to operate hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors. The hydraulic power pack is a partly completed machine which must meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

What are the components of a hydraulic power pack?

Basically, a hydraulic power pack consists of a motor (drive unit), a pump and an oil reservoir.

The motor drives the pump, this delivers the pressure medium (hydraulic oil) from the hydraulic tank and supplies the actuators (hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders).

3. what are the types of hydraulic power packs?

A distinction is made between standard packs, compact hydraulic power packs, special power packs and sub-oil units.

Hydraulic power packs can be driven with:

  • E-motor
  • Gasoline engine
  • Diesel engine

4. what types of hydraulic power packs does LöSi® offer?

LöSi® offers the following types of hydraulic power packs:

  • Compact power packs with cylindrical or rectangular tank
  • Standard power packs with steel or aluminum tank
  • Special aggregates according to customer requirements

Do you have questions about hydraulic power packs? Call us, our experts will be happy to help you!

5. which industries need hydraulic power packs?

Hydraulic power packs are needed in mobile hydraulics, as well as in industrial hydraulics. Wherever hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors are used, a hydraulic power pack is also needed, e.g. in municipal machines, construction and agricultural machines as well as in forestry machines of any kind.

How does a hydraulic power pack with an electric motor work?

The electric motor drives the pump –> this pumps the pressure medium (hydraulic oil) from the hydraulic tank –> Hydraulic valves control the oil flow –> hydraulic cylinders or motors are driven by switching the valves.

The electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy.

7. how much does a hydraulic power packs cost?

In the case of hydraulic power packs, it is not possible to determine the cost. There are very large differences in quality in the area of compact aggregates, which results in large price ranges.

So-called standard aggregates must also be planned and built. Any deviation in design, components or valve technology changes the prices very significantly.

8. how can I get an information or more information about hydraulic power packs?

Our hydraulic experts are available Monday to Friday during our opening hours by phone and via our contact form by mail. We will be very happy if we can answer your questions. You are welcome to leave your phone number in the contact request and we will call you back.

9. what options do I have if my hydraulic power packs is defective?

LöSi® offers assistance in the maintenance and troubleshooting of aggregates. Our service team is at your disposal during our opening hours Monday to Friday.

Our service team is able to perform an on-site failure analysis and, in the best case, repair the damage.

10. does LöSi® have spare parts for my hydraulic product in stock?

For compact and standard power packs, we have many components in stock or available at short notice.

Do you have any questions about our products?

For our LÖSI products we offer extensive free support

Hydraulic power pack advice and service – uncomplicated and efficient

Do you have technical questions about hydraulic power packs or other hydraulic components?
We at LöSi provide you with the answers directly from our engineers!

As competent experts, we place special emphasis on providing you with the best hydraulic power packs advice as well as the highest quality service.

Trust in three decades of experience and contact us by phone or via ourcontact form.

We are your hydraulic power pack supplier with more than 40 years experience


At LöSi GmbH, we not only offer you hydraulic power packs individually tailored to your processes, we also provide you with the best service on the market – and have been doing so for over 40 years.

You can rely on us!

Contact us today via our form or simply give us a call.

What is a hydraulic power packs?



A hydraulic power packs provides the so-called pressure energy and usually consists of at least three components:

the hydraulic motor

the hydraulic pump as well as

the tank for the hydraulic fluid

Depending on the drive type of the motor, a distinction is made between the following types of hydraulic power packs:


The motor of the hydraulic pack drives the pump by means of a shaft. The pump, in turn, has the task of drawing in hydraulic fluid and generating hydraulic pressure.

Hydraulic power packs are individually adapted in their design and application to the requirements of the corresponding operation. Important measured variables here are, for example, the necessary working pressure, the size of the tank or critical flow velocities.

When removing the fluid, various factors such as the heating of the hydraulic medium and any leaks must be taken into account.

At LöSi, we specialize in the field of hydraulics and can help you find the optimal hydraulic power pack for your plant.

Let us advise you by phone or contact us via ourcontact form.

Where are hydraulic power packs used?



Hydraulic power packs are used in a wide variety of industries.

The most common applications include:

  • industrial applications
  • Hydraulic core pullers (electric injection molding machines)
  • Punching and embossing machines
  • Systems for the packaging industry
  • Systems in the food industry
  • as well as numerous other economic sectors

We at LöSi will be happy to advise you on the perfect hydraulic power pack for your operation – because when it comes to drive technology, we are the supplier and contact of your choice!

Contact us now by phone or use ourcontact form.

Do you have any questions about the hydraulic power pack? Our experts are there for you!


For more than 40 years, we at LöSi GmbH have stood for uncompromising quality and excellent service.

Our specialists will advise you competently and straightforwardly on all matters relating to hydraulic power packs and other hydraulic components.

Call us now on our free hotline +49 631 – 351 24 – 0 or write us here a message here.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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