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Hydraulic control block / special valve production

Product image_Special valve manufacturing

Product features

  • Hydraulic control block / special valves of all types
  • Multiple valve blocks
  • Sandwich valves
  • Customized hydraulic control blocks
  • Own manufacturing
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Hydraulic control block – special valves manufactured by LöSi

A hydraulic control block, also known as a valve block or control valve block, is a central element in hydraulic systems that controls the hydraulic oil within a hydraulic system. Its task is to regulate the direction, pressure and quantity of the oil flow to enable various functions such as moving hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors.

Design and function of hydraulic control blocks

Hydraulic blocks consist of several hydraulic valves that are combined in one block or housing. These valves can have different functions:

  • Directional valves: Determine the flow direction of the hydraulic oil.
  • Pressure valves: regulate the pressure within the system by means of pressure relief valves or pressure reducing valves.
  • Flow valves: Control the flow rate of the oil.
  • Non-return valves: block the oil flow in a defined direction

The arrangement of these valves in the block enables a compact design and leads to a more efficient and reliable performance of the hydraulic system.


Hydraulic control block – Advantages

The integration of various functions into one hydraulic control block saves on pipe and hose lines. This not only makes the system more compact and easier to install, but also more resistant to leaks and easier to maintain.

Hydraulic control blocks play a crucial role in modern hydraulic systems by providing precision, efficiency and reliability in the control of machinery and equipment. Their ability to function reliably in harsh environments makes them an indispensable component in many technical areas.

Simple hydraulic control block from LöSi - Flange-mounted version for hydraulic motors

Hydraulic block according to customer requirements

We focus on the specific needs of our customers. In addition to customized production, we also offer the individual development of hydraulic control blocks. Our team of experts works closely with each customer to understand specific requirements and develop innovative solutions that are precisely tailored to the respective operating conditions and functional needs.

We produce the control blocks from high-quality aluminum or robust steel, depending on the requirements of the application. This choice of materials enables us to offer both lightness and high resistance, depending on what is best suited to the specific application.

Our control blocks can be equipped with various functions (e.g. pressure relief valve, flow control valve, directional control valve) to ensure optimum integration and functionality within your systems. Everything is possible, from simple valve functions to complex regulation and control mechanisms. We adapt each control block to the individual technical requirements and wishes.

We also offer flange-mounted versions of our hydraulic control blocks, which are especially suitable for direct attachment to hydraulic motors. This option offers seamless integration and ensures increased efficiency and reliability of the entire hydraulic system. With these customized solutions, we guarantee an optimal solution that is precisely tailored to your needs.


1. the CAD data is provided as a zip file. The archive contains both e-drawings and STEP files.
To view the easm data you need the e-Drawings Viewer, for the STEP files a suitable CAD system.

  • 2. these data are provided in a PDF document. To view these PDF documents you need a PDF reader.

















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