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Hydraulic planetary gearbox from Reggiana Riduttori

Who is the planetary gearbox manufacturer Reggiana Riduttori?


Reggiana Riduttori is a leading manufacturer of planetary gearboxes based in Italy (S. Polo d’Enza). The company was founded in 1973 by Franco Albarelli and is run by his son Giannicola.

In 2019, Reggiana was acquired by Interpump Group S.p.A. Giannicola Albarelli retains his role as Chairman and CEO of Reggiana Riduttori.

Thanks to decades of experience, RR has become a well-known name in the gearbox industry. The company offers a wide range of planetary gearboxes, helical gearboxes and special gearboxes for various applications in the industrial, agricultural, mining and other sectors.

Reggiana Riduttori is known for supplying high-quality products that impress with their performance and reliability.

The company has an experienced team of engineers and technicians who can develop customized solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Reggiana Riduttori has also built up an extensive distribution network that sells its products worldwide.

With its commitment to quality and innovation, Reggiana Riduttori has earned a firm place in the industry and continues to strive to establish itself as one of the leading planetary gearbox manufacturers on the market.

Hydraulic planetary gearboxes from Reggiana Riduttori - LöSi GmbH as exhibitor of planetary gearboxes

Hannover Messe 1989 – LöSi GmbH shows products from Reggiana Riduttori

Reggiana Riduttori and LöSi Getriebe-Steuerungen-Hydraulik GmbH


Reggiana Riduttori and LöSi Getriebe-Steuerungen-Hydraulik GmbH can look back on a long and fruitful partnership that goes back to the founding of LöSi in 1982. This collaboration has proven to be extremely stable and mutually enriching over the decades.

A remarkable detail of this partnership is the personal story of Andreas Klöss, the managing director of LöSi: In his youth in the 1980s, Andreas used his summer vacations to work at Reggiana. This experience was not only formative for his personal and professional development, but also strengthened the bond between the two companies. Through his work, Andreas gained a deep understanding of Reggiana Riduttori’s products and philosophy, which he still benefits from today.

The partnership between Reggiana Riduttori and LöSi Getriebe-Steuerungen-Hydraulik GmbH therefore not only stands for business success, but also for the personal connections and experiences that have developed over the years. It is an example of how long-term cooperation and personal relationships can contribute to the mutual benefit of companies.

Hydraulic planetary gearbox from Reggiana Riduttori - Franco Albarelli (center) and Jürgen Löwentraut (right), founder of LöSi

Franco Albarelli (center) and Jürgen Löwentraut (right),
Founder of LöSi

Features of the planetary gearboxes from Reggiana Riduttori


Reggiana Riduttori offers a range of special features and benefits with its planetary gearboxes:

  • High power density: Reggiana planetary gearboxes are known for their compact design and high performance. This high power density makes it possible to transmit large torques in a small space. Torques of up to 4 million Nm are possible.
  • High efficiency: These gearboxes are characterized by a high degree of efficiency. This means that a greater proportion of the energy used is converted into usable mechanical energy, resulting in more efficient power transmission.
  • Durability and reliability: Thanks to their robust design and the use of high-quality materials, Reggiana Riduttori planetary gearboxes offer a high level of reliability and durability, even under demanding operating conditions.
  • Low maintenance requirements: These gearboxes are designed to require less maintenance compared to other gearbox types, resulting in lower operating costs and less downtime.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Reggiana Riduttori’s modular planetary gearboxes can be easily adapted to different requirements and applications, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and machine types.
  • Even load distribution: Due to the characteristic arrangement of the gears in a planetary gearbox, the load is distributed evenly over several gears, which leads to an increased service life of the individual components.
  • Low noise development: Reggiana Riduttori planetary gearboxes are known for their quiet operation, which is particularly advantageous in noise-sensitive environments.

These characteristics make Reggiana Riduttori planetary gearboxes an excellent choice for demanding industrial applications where reliability, efficiency and adaptability are crucial.

Areas of application for Reggiana Riduttori planetary gearboxes

The areas of application for planetary gearboxes are extremely diverse. In addition to applications in mining, Reggiana planetary gearboxes can be found in agriculture and forestry, in the recycling industry, in the marine and offshore sector, in the sugar industry, in steelworks and in many mobile applications.

Gearboxes for mining

Reggiana Riduttori brings customized solutions to the mining industry thanks to its extensive experience and constant search for innovation.

The product range is specially tailored to the needs of customers and is developed for tasks such as tunnel construction and the processing of materials such as stone, marble, granite and coal. RR gearboxes are used in particular in tunnel boring machines, crushers, screening machines and drilling equipment.

The products are characterized by a long service life and high resistance to torque peaks. We also offer the necessary accessories for problem-free and precise installation in the respective systems.

Planetary gearboxes for agriculture and forestry

The gearboxes manufactured by Reggiana Riduttori are characterized by their robustness and ease of installation. They are specially designed for applications such as mixer wagons, self-propelled equipment, pruning and harvesting machines and biogas plants. Their compact dimensions enable high performance and a high maximum torque.

These gearboxes are manufactured exclusively from high-quality materials of European origin. Assembly and testing are carried out at the company’s headquarters in Italy.

The modular design, combined with the availability of comprehensive translation options and customizable configurations, makes it possible to offer individual solutions that are optimally tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Planetary reduction gears in the marine & offshore sector

In addition to gearboxes for construction machinery and agriculture, Reggiana Riduttori is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of drive systems specially designed to meet the needs of the maritime and offshore industry.

The company focuses particularly on the robustness, durability and reliability of its gearboxes, which are used in a wide range of maritime and offshore applications. These include winches, harbor cranes, offshore platforms, material transport and freight loading.

Drive technology for mobile machinery

Reggiana Riduttori is one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive systems for mobile machinery.

The products are both ATEX and DNV certified and compatible with hydraulically or electrically operated machines, ensuring high performance and low maintenance requirements.

Particularly noteworthy are the wheel hub gearboxes, which are used in various areas such as aerial work platforms, road maintenance vehicles and airport apron vehicles.

Ideal drive solutions with LöSi hydraulic motors and accessories

Planetary gearboxes can be found in many mobile and industrial applications and are used in combination with both electric and hydraulic motors. This is where we come in. As a supplier of planetary motors, radial piston motors and axial piston units, we offer a solution for every motor-gearbox combination. Our drive solution is complemented by the corresponding valve technology, such as lowering brake valves or special valves according to customer requirements.

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